Facial Peel and Massage Groupon Offer – What a lovely surprise

We know you love our Murad facial treatments.  They are refreshing and relaxing and make your skin sing a little song afterwards.  OK, not literally – but I do believe if skin could actually sing a happy song, then it would do just that after one of these facial peel treatments.

And, like we do, we want to share and we’re using Groupon to get this out to as many people as possible.

The offer is a Murad facial peel and eye mask, together with a massage of your choice – either Indian Head or hands and arms.  You’ll have all of this through Groupon for only £29 total – which is 75% off the full price (£86 savings in total). 

Christmas has passed and in the next few months we will all need some little happy moments, some pampering and some relaxing.  Not to mention our faces will be taking a beating with the winter air outside and stale heated air inside.  And the massage?  That’s just a little extra reward of calm in the middle of your busy schedule.  All together the three treatments are a nice way to treat yourself well and walk out looking refreshed, relaxed and ready to take on the darkest days of winter.

There are always things to know and keep in mind with Groupon.  I don’t like these technical bits (they’re so boring), but here they are:

  • Appointments can be made 3rd January through 27th June 2012
  • Booking required – please have the security code from your Groupon coupon available when booking
  • Be sure your appointment is at a convenient time. If you do need to make changes, you should do this more than 24 hours ahead of the appointment time – and you’ll need to be flexible as appointment times do fill up quickly;
  • Cancellations made within 24 hours will be subject to a £13 cancellation fee (Sorry – but if we just can’t have appointments left open!  I’m sure you understand.)
  • Security code is required.  Appointments attended without valid security code will be charged at full price of £115 (without upgrade).

I think that’s all the important (but dull) parts of the offer you need to know about.  Oh, except that these make great gifts in fact - and you just might have a friend who would love this kind of pampering break after the rush of the holidays are over.  Of course, you could probably use that yourself as well.

Really, who couldn’t use a bit of pampering, relaxation and better skin in the dark, depressing days of winter?

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